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Beijing Longcol Technology Consulting CO., Ltd.
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About LONGCOL LONGCOL is a comprehensive organization specialized in translation and international media. It has affiliates including Longcol (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Longcol Translation Co., Ltd., Beijing Longcol Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Longcol Translation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Beijing Longcol Translation Co., Ltd. Shandong Office (Qingdao) and Beijing Longcol Translation Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Office (Xi’an); Its translation teams have expanded to Russian, Turkey, Brazil, USA and regions of Southeast Asia and Africa. and the company also sets up a business office in Santiago, Chile. LONGCOL is a professional multilingual translation service agency in the world. LONGCOL has a translator team with more than 10 years of professional experience, consisting of 19,800 language experts, professional proofreaders, senior translators and project managers with rich experience in film and television translation. Hence, LONGCOL is capable of providing language services to over 600 customers. Multilingual translation LONGCOL is capable of providing translation services of almost 320 languages, including some less-known languages. These include 42 languages in Asia, 35 in Europe, 24 in Latin America, 12 in Oceania, and 53 in Africa. Class I: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese Class II: Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Thai Class III: Ukrainian, Indonesian, Dutch, Czech, Burmese, Khmer, Urdu, Swedish, Lithuanian, Tibetan, Swahili, Bantu, Hausa, Zulu Scarce languages: Filipino, Hindi, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Farsi, Latin, Bengali, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Greek, Hebrew, Slovak, Catalan, Bulgarian, etc.
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Service products 1.Film dubbing translation, aural translation, dubbing and post production, etc. 2.Professional translation screenplay, subtitle, document, APP, game script and literary works 3.Customized interpretation accompanying interpretation, exhibition communication, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and bilingual presentations, etc.
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