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Shuihu Tourism Development Co. LTD
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Shuihu Tourism Development Co. LTD was founded on January 12, 2009. With an investment of 2 billion RMB, Shuihu Film & TV City includes many sites, such as Shuihu ancient town, Shuihu Film & TV city, Liugongshan Village, Zhugui Hotel, the Songs’village, the Zhus’village, Shiye village, and so on. The film & TV city is mainly of the Song dynasty style, and its grand scale and diverse scenes will meet the shooting requirements of all kinds ancient costume dramas. The star-rated hotels, props processing, scene constructing, extras and the open policies here will support the shooting crew. In here, we have had over a hundred TV series shot, such as the new version of Water Margin, Detective Dee Renjie, Penglai Eight Immortals and so on. Given its beautiful natural landscape, large-scaled man-made scenery and great film & TV service, Dongping is becoming an internationally renowned film & TV shooting base.
Business Introduction
- Film & TV shooting service, costume, make-up, and props rental, tourism operating and developing. - Tourism boating on the Daqing River and Dongping Lake. - Exhibition consulting service. - The only state-owned enterprise in Dongping county running film & TV shooting and tourism business, also we do investments.
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