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JiuZi(BeiJing) Culture communicate Co., Ltd
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Jiuzi Culture was founded in early 2014. At present, there are two post-production bases for film and television in Beijing Recording Factory and Wandong International Cultural and Creative Park. The total area is more than 5,000 square meters. It is the largest private film and television post-production base in Beijing. With several founders as the core, our company has set up a service team that emphasizes honesty, technology, efficiency, creativity and experience. In just a few years, we have made remarkable achievements and participated in the production of many famous movies, TV dramas, net dramas and games. Such as “Only Side by Side with You” “Aerial China” “Dream Collection” “The Legend of Miyue” “The Looming Storm” “Heirs” “Princess Weiyoung” “Guilty of Mind” “Extraordinary Mission” “Three” “Time Raiders” ”Dragon Blade” ” Hollywood Adventures” and so on.
JiuZi Voice Group is a professional dubbing team under JiuZi Culture, which was founded in January 2016. After the stage learning and training and passing the examination, the members of our voice group provided professional voice work for the film and television drama works undertaken by JiuZi Culture. Since established, it has won the attention of numerous dubbing enthusiasts, and attracted a lot of fans to join, it has trained a group of professional film and television play voice actors, to participate in a lot of movies, TV shows, net play dubbing work. Like “Operation Red Sea” “Monster Hunt 2” “Dream Collection” ”Only Side by Side with You”“The Thousand Faces of Dunjia” “Shock Wave” “Extraordinary Mission” and so on.
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dubbing, dubbing supervising, dialogue post supervised manufacturing, ADR recording, audio editing, Foley recording, sound design, mixed recording, music editing, editing, color adjustment, etc.
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