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Yihe Flim and Television Shooting Base
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Yihe Flim and Television Shooting Base was founded in 2014, with a register capital of 8 Million, and over 50 staff. It covers an area of 20000 m2, and is devoted to film and TV planning, shooting, producing and distribution. It’s main business includes live action studios, coordinating, local guide, creation, shooting, post-production, promotion, distribution, actor agency, etc. Yihe has abundant fund, strong power of creation and extensive business relationships. Yihe is located in Yanjiao, which is to the east of Beijng. In addition to live action studios, they also have all kinds of shooting locations and experienced shooting crew to meet your shooting requirements. Moreover, they have strong support from multiple film and TV production companies and promotion and distribution companies. Yihe has its independent live action studios which cover an area of 5000 m2. The studios are fully equipped, including dressing room, parking lot, 380V electricity box to guarantee the power consumption. The live action studios includes scenes like department, hospital, club and office area. And Yihe has abundant external shooting location resources, like airport, train station, hospital, bus station, shopping mall, street, park, Russian style village, hotel, gym, movie theater, villa, university, schools, wasted factory, etc. Till now, Yihe has served for over 60 film or TV series shooting. Yihe, with its professional service and devoting attitude, has won a good reputation in the industry in recent years. In the meantime, they also focus on resources integration, in order to serve better for the industry.
Business Introduction
实景棚:公司设有实景棚,家居、医院、咖啡厅、办公室、KTV、会所、大舞台等场地供剧组进行拍摄 外联地接:公司有强大的外联团队和丰富的外联资源,包括场景、住宿和餐饮,可保证摄制组顺利拍摄 演员经纪:公司有演员经纪部门,可以进行演员培训以及向影视行业输送艺人 出品:公司有自制的影视剧,同时也参与影视剧的投资 美术:公司有美术团队,可以承接制景以及道具的工作 制作:公司有前期拍摄和后期剪辑的团队参与影视剧制作
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