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Bistro Fou
Net Show
Huang Changzuo
Main Cast:
Jiao Junyan / Li Kaixin / Ye Zicheng / Lv Xia / Li Mozhi / Liu Jiehan / Jiao Zhonghui
Release time
JiuZi(BeiJing) Culture communicate Co., Ltd
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“Bistro Fou”is an urban romance series co-directed by Huang Changzuo,Cui Jie, Yin Wenjun and acted by Jiao Junyan, Li Kaixin, Ye Zicheng, Lv Xia, Li Mozhi, Liu Jiehan, Jiao Zhonghui. The play tells the story of Tang Yu breaking through various obstacles and opening her own restaurant. At the same time, she has launched a series of challenges to the patriarchal society and completed growth.
Details of work completed
Audio Post-Production, dubbing supervising, dubbing
Dubbing Director:Li Longbin
Dubbing:JiuZi Voice Group
Video Projects Show
Picture Presentation