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Beijing Axios Translations Co., Ltd.

China Phone No.:008601065750226

E-mail Address:contact@axios-translations.com Address:215, Building A, Recreo-Chn Global Media Plaza, No. 15, Jianguo Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing Service: Translation

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Established in 2010, Beijing Axios Translations Co., Ltd. originally focused its main business on film dubbing and subtitle translation for long time clients such as China Central Television and Warner Brothers as well as developing our document translation and localization services. Due to client demand for a one-stop post production solution, we have collaborated with other partners to expand our film and tv post production services. Today Axios has grown into a comprehensive language service provider for a wide variety of translation fields including film, television and entertainment, literature and the arts, the law and finance industry, immigration, international study and educational exchanges among others. Axios provides translation services for clients across the world enabling fluent communication in languages such as Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Italian and many more.In the present environment where artificial intelligence and translation technologies are developing faster than ever, Axios continues to offer the precision of expert craftsmanship in its translation services. Our mission is focused on the needs of our clients, and our clients’ satisfaction is our main priority, Axios provides each client with tailor-made, reliable, efficient and professional translation services.

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Film/TV Translation Axios’ film and television translation department has many years of experience in film and TV translation and proofreading. We are well versed in the broadcasting standards and translation requirements for broadcasting platforms ranging from cinema chains, domestic and foreign television stations through to new media. Our workflow is designed to handle complex delivery specifications while maintaining quality and staying on schedule. *An industry-leading team of film and TV translators, cooperating with experts and scholars in various fields to produce translations true to the original films and tv programs;*Dubbing translation- Translation of dialog from various languages into Chinese and from Chinese into English for films, animation and TV series;*Subtitle translation- Translation between Chinese and various languages, and creation of subtitles for films, animation and TV series. Document Translation Starting by focusing on the needs of the client, Axios’ document translation team provides efficient, professional, and accurate translation services. The scope of our services includes creative texts which demand command of style and language, such as art and literary books, scripts, albums and promotional materials. Our services also cover materials in sectors where there is a strong requirement for accuracy, expertise and knowledge of technical language, such as legal contracts, government documents and business texts. *Senior translators and expert foreign proofreaders check at each stage to provide a first-rate translation service which is professional, efficient, on time and quality assured;*Localization of Promotional Materials- Covering art catalogs, advertising materials, press releases, and the localization and construction of websites;*Books and Other Publications- Covering books, magazines and journals, film and TV scripts, novels, drama and similar publications;*Commercial and Legal- Covering contracts, business letters, legal documents, immigration and over-sea study application materials, product presentations, technical documents, patent documents. etc;*Documents for Government and Social Institutions- Covering official documents, certificates, and materials for cultural and education organizations and other institutions. Film/TV Post Production Axios’ film and TV transcription and post production department has honed its skills over the last decade. Through practical collaboration with our partners, we have created a professional team which has an accurate grasp of industry standards and provides the market with one-stop services in film and TV transcription, dubbing, post production and special effects. The outstanding quality of the finished product, combined with our super-efficient workflow and competitive prices, have earned us preferential consideration among industry clients. Film and TV projects we have worked on have been distributed on television stations and internet broadcast platforms. *Our transcription and post production services meet the broadcasting standards of both online and offline platforms and our streamlined workflow process provides our film and television clients with a one-stop post production solution; *Transcription   ·Extensive experience, accurate grasp of production requirements for television stations and internet platforms;   ·Professional service, familiarity with the common usage of transcriptions by subsequent teams of the clients;   ·Flexible workflow, tailor-made services in film and TV dialog dubbing and transcription as well as dialog subtitles and transcription syncing.

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