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Actor known for comedy tries his hand in a crime thriller
Release Date 2019-08-29
Resource chinadaily
Author Xu Fan


A scene in Vortex shows Dong Chengpeng-starring garage owner. 

A versatile star who shot to fame with his comedy roles, Dong Chengpeng – more popular as Da Peng – is now showcasing his talent for other roles with, Vortex.

The crime thriller, which is the first feature-length drama directed by young filmmaker Gan Jianyu, will open across domestic theaters on Aug 30.

Set in Chongqing, the director's hometown, the tale is about a garage owner, starring Dong, who owes a big debt caused by gambling,

In the film, Dong does not wear spectacles as he does for other roles.

The film has veteran filmmaker Cao Baoping as the executive producer, and the cast includes Ou Hao, Li Meng, Cao Bingkun and singer Sha Baoliang, who is acting in a film for the first time.


Dong Chengpeng, aka Da Peng, leads the upcoming crime thriller Vortex.


Gan Jianyu, director of Vortex.