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Belgian animation based on Queen Elizabeth's dogs set for release
Release Date 2019-08-30
Resource chinadaily


The Queen's Corgi will be released in Chinese mainland on Aug 30. 

Even as the end of the summer vacation approaches, domestic theaters are still working on new draws for young students.

The Queen's Corgi, a Belgian animation feature inspired by Queen Elizabeth II's long-standing love of corgis, will hit Chinese mainland theaters on Aug 30.

The story is about the adventure of Rex, the most beloved dog of the British monarch who is forced out of Buckingham Palace and winds up in a dog fight club.

During its journey to return to the palace, the once spoiled dog finds its true self.

To cater to local audiences, the Chinese distributors have created a poster, which sets the British queen in a royal hall that looks like something from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The poster has gone viral online since it was released on Tuesday.

But the film – which premiered in France in mid-January and has already been released in more than 20 countries – has received mixed reviews on several popular movie websites.


A scene appearing in the animated film The Queen's Corgi. 


A promotional poster of The Queen's Corgi tailored for Chinese audience.