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The most popular international film market in Asia now open
Release Date 2019-10-22
Resource The Chinese Film Market


TIFFCOM in 2019 Outline

Date:Oct 22nd(Tue)- 24th(Thu)

Venue:"Sunshine City Convention Center",Ikebukuro,Tokyo

TIFFCOM,the affiliated multi-contents market of the Tokyo International Film Festival,will once again be held with the Tokyo International Music Market(TIMM) and the Tokyo International Anime Festival(TIAF),under the umbrella of the Japan Content Showcase.TIFFCOM is the professional Market of the Tokyo International Film Festival(TIFF) which is the only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film.

For the 16th TIFFCOM,401 groups will be exhibiting,this is the largest number of exhibitors ever.In particular,the number of exhibitors from overseas has drastically raised since the awareness of TIFFCOM has increased as one the largest international multi-content market in Asia which involves influential buyers from around the world,attracts the market by its wide variety of content holders from diverse industries. Japan Content Showcase provides chances to create new business opportunities through seminars, networking parties, and of course, business meetings.Indeed,there are 229 overseas exhibitors (176 exhibitors in 2018, LY130%). Bulgaria,Finland and Saudi Arabia will be the participate for the first time to exhibit. In addition, the willingness to exhibit in Asian pavilions is extremely high, the number of overseas pavilions have increased to 10 (8 pavilions, LY125%),and the number of exhibiting organizations in the pavilions has increased to 189(123 in 2018, LY153.8%). For this year, TIFFCOM will have "TIFF seller's pavilion" and also organize"Industry Screening (I Screening)"which provided films by TIFF in TIFFCOM's screening program.