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The Jaipur International Film Festival 2020 is coming!
Release Date 2019-11-01
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The pink city of Jaipur was earlier known internationally for its historic monuments like ‘Hawa Mahal’ (palace of wind) and ‘Jantar Mantar’ (stone observatories). It is now emerging as a hub of cinema, art, culture and literature.  The Jaipur International Film Festival -JIFF has become regular annual event in the pink city since 2009.

Taking a step further, we are now bringing world’s largest conference series to be witnessed in coming years in Jaipur Film Market-JFM. This will boost the industry, the economy & the tourism.


Jaipur Film Market-JFM

January 18-20, 2020 - 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Daily - Jaipur INDIA

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, JLN Road, Jaipur India

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Largest Conference Series to be witnessed in coming years in JAIPUR FILM MARKET-JFM


Jaipur: Hugely popular with the name of JIFF; Jaipur International Film Festival with its 11 continuous and successful editions has made the capital city JAIPUR a hub of films. Few of the JIFF programs are such substantial that now those need to be done on a bigger scale. Jaipur International Film Festival Trust is going to initiate JAIPUR FILM MARKET – JFM from next year.

The New era has begun for Cinema world. We welcome you in new emerging film capital of India to new and experienced producers, financers, exhibitors, film commissions with their companies and films.

JIFF and JFM Founder Hanu Roj asserted that film market has been organized on a small scale with JIFF till now. From last 7 years, the biggest Co – Production Meet is being organized as a part of JIFF market. But now, the time has come where this part should be launched as the biggest program of the world in CANNES Film Market / European Film Market and American Film Market and it must compete with these big – sized film markets. Keeping such a thought in mind, global launching of JAIPUR FILM MARKET – JFM for the entire film industry has taken place.

Submission, Delegate Registration and Services Bookings for JFM are open from TODAY!

The advanced website of JAIPUR FILM MARKET [http://jaipurfilmmarket.org], which includes a variety of modern features, has also been launched.


JFM would boost the Film Industry and Film Tourism. In comparison of any other project to accelerate Rajasthan Tourism, this program would evidently take the state of Rajasthan forward in the sector of Tourism.

In the coming 10 years, turnover of this project is calculated 100 crore rupees approximately.

In the approaching decade, more than 10000 delegates across the world would be participating in this program.

This project would benefit Air Line and Hotel Industry. Local Market would be benefitted on bigger scale.

It would impart a new identity to Indian Film Industry.

This project is a part of continuous journey and development, through which all the marked aims would be touched gradually.

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JFM will be organized on a bigger scale then previous years from 18th to 20th January 2020, at Jaipur. The dates for JIFF are 17th to 21st January 2020), where more than 1,000 professionals would participate. Here, more than 500 production companies and more than 1,000 new projects would be discussed.  More than 500 films would be screened on this platform of JFM/JIFF and more than 50 meets / workshops would take place. More than 100 speakers and expertise across the world would have a dialogue with the film enthusiasts.

JIFF organizing committee member Dr. Ish Munjal opined that JAIPUR FILM MARKET is such a place for film makers, where they can easily meet buyers of the film. Here; they all would feel a home – like ambience to make new contacts. It would be a platform, where every genre of cinema, from regional to international, would be under one roof.

JIFF spokesperson Rajendra Boda opined that co – production meets in last 11 years have been such successful that JAIPUR FILM MARKET was required to be launched separately.

JAIPUR FILM MARKET is going to be started in the month of January, next year – 2020; where film makers across the world would submit their films, so that they can send their films to distributors, producers and exhibitors.

For more information - http://jaipurfilmmarket.org