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Chinese biographical sports film 'Leap' hits big screen
Release Date 2020-09-27
Resource Xinhua


Chinese biographical sports film Leap, directed by renowned filmmaker Peter Ho-sun Chan, started screening in China Friday.

Starring Gong Li as legendary volleyball coach Lang Ping, the film is a cinematic depiction of the multigenerational struggle of the Chinese women's volleyball team to secure glory for the nation.

The film will join Vanguard, a Chinese action movie starring Jackie Chan, Legend of Deification, an animation film revolving around Jiang Ziya, a mythological figure, and Chinese comedy feature My People, My Homeland, for release during the upcoming eight-day National Day holiday.

Movie theaters in China raised their cap on seating to 75 percent of capacity starting Friday, up from the previous cap of 50 percent, spurring the further recovery of the world's second-largest box-office market amid the COVID-19 epidemic.